This Is How A Veteran Actor Lost His Market Because Of AIDS Scare..!!

The 'Mike' actor was famous during the 90s for his back to back hits. It would be an understatement to say that this actor ruled the roost during this period. But this peak didn't last long as a rumour that surfaced stating that the actor is suffering from AIDS following which the actor lost his market. 

It's worth noting that back in the 90s, AIDS was considered as a contagious and highly deadly disease mainly due to lack of information and directors weren't ready to approach the actor for new projects. 

The star, who still looks hale and healthy even now when compared to his other counterparts have now come out open on who broke that rumour that ruined his career. He has stated that it was the yesteryear heroine who's name began with 'Poo' that was behind the rumour. 

The actor said that this actress fell in love with him and expressed her desire to marry him but the actor declined the proposal. Angry with the response she got, the actress apparently circulated the rumour which spread like wild fire and ended the actor's career.