Virgin Star Builds Bungalow For His Heroine

The Music Director turned Actor, Virgin star is on a roll with back to back films. It's worth noting that the same heroine is starring as the female lead in many of his films. She has acted as the heroine in two out of his four films and if this wasn't enough, she's also one of the heroines for his next upcoming flick.

Apparently, the star is building a huge a bungalow for this heroine without the knowledge of his own wife who's a well known singer. It's known that this bungalow will be a sea facing building in the East Coast Road that's getting built with no expenses sparred. More amount is said to be spent on the interiors too. This secret, which even his wife didn't know had come out only recently.

This came to light thanks to the fact that it was registered under the heroine's name while it was speculated that the star was building this bungalow as a surprise gift to his wife. This has raised quite a few eyebrows in the film circle.